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Mr A. of Guildford contacted us in October 2008. He was at his wit's end. Having purchased his home earlier that year, he had no equity to borrow against, and the mounting costs of his new home and supporting his wife and two young children had quickly put him 50,000 into debt.

His monthly minimum payments were over 900, and even at this level he was only repaying the interest each month - the original debt was not even reducing. After his mortgage and these payments, there was barely enough left for his family to live on.

Gradually things got worse. Mr. A. started to miss payments on his credit cards and mortgage - his wife was concerned that they were going to have their beautiful new home repossessed by the building society. She saw one of our adverts and begged him to take action before it was too late.

Our professional qualified advisors arranged an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) for Mr.A which meant that his debts could be repaid at 325.83 per month, payable over 5 years. Now he will repay a total of 19,549.80, instead of the 50,000 plus interest that he owed. Over the 5 years, that's a saving of over 84,000! Yes, just by talking to us, Mr. A saved over eighty four thousand pounds.

Mr. A and his family are now more relaxed and confident that they have enough money to pay their mortgage and enjoy the good things in life. And best of all, in 5 years, they will be 100% debt free.